APS Certificate for Indian Students

APS Certificate Mandatory for Indians applying for German Student Visa

Academic Evaluation Centre

APS Certificate is Mandatory for Indian Students applying for a German Student Visa. The Original Certificate for Indian Students is a proof of authenticity for Indian academic documents. It is for Germany. It states the guiding eligibility criteria, applying to courses offered by the university. Holding an APS Original certificate for Germany will simplify your application process to German universities and accelerate your student visa application. An original certificate issued by the APS is mandatory for the student visa application.
Exception: Students sponsored by German or EU-funded scholarships need not apply for an APS certification.

APS Certificate for Indian Students

Anyone who has to acquire educational qualifications from recognized Indian school boards or universities may apply for an APS certificate.

Kindly refer to this eligibility criteria quiz, For more information on the application categories.

Documents submitted to the APS need not to notarise.
Exception: Documents translated into English from any of the Indian regional languages must be notarized.

Once a candidate has been issued an APS certificate, its validity is indefinite. In the event of a change in the candidate’s eligibility criteria will affect the Existing APS Certificate’s validity. One may require to apply for an upto date APS certificate under a new category. Kindly contact the APS India office for further information. 

A provisional certificate older than one year will not accept.

A candidate can submit the required documents via courier or hand over the documents personally at the APS India office reception during stipulated office timings.

For courses having a duration longer than 90 days, an APS certificate is mandatory.

Legible A4-sized colour photocopies of all original documents.
Both sides of all the documents must take photocopy.


An APS (Assessment of Professional Skills) certificate is a qualification that demonstrates an individual’s ability to apply the knowledge and skills learned in their professional education program to real-world situations. The APS certificate is typically require for certain professions in Australia. Such as psychology and social work, as a way to ensure that practitioners have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality services to their clients.

To obtain an APS certificate, individuals must complete a professional education program in their chosen field and pass an assessment that evaluates their ability to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical setting. The assessment may involve a written exam, a clinical simulation, or a supervised practice placement, depending on the profession.

Earning an APS certificate is an important step for individuals who want to work in a regulated profession in Australia. It shows employers and clients that the individual has the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality services and is committed to continuing their professional development.

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