Birth certificate

Birth Certificate:

A Birth Certificate is an official document that provides identity to a newborn, also records evidence of a child’s name, place of birth, relationship with his/her parents. An individual’s identity is determined from the time he/she is born and hence, It is widely accepted that birth registration is the first step towards establishing an individual’s citizenship, an identity that the state recognizes.

Birth Certificate Attestation Procedure:

Birth Certificate attestation is mandatory for families who are residing in foreign countries, mainly to obtain Family visa, it plays a vital role in the visa application of the child.  It is also required at the time of admission for a child’s education, to get an identity card, & as proof of age and many more.

Attestation of the certificate makes it a legal document that can be furnished for various government related purposes, without attestation the certificate is invalid.

Certificate Attestation

The Attestation procedure is as follows:

  1. The Birth Certificate is first certified by the Notary Department with seal and authorized sign.
  2. On completion of Notary, submit the certificate to the Home Department (Mumbai) or SDM department (New Delhi) for further attestation.
  3. Once the Home Department or SDM attestation is over, then send the certificate to Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi).
  4. Lastly, it will be attested by the Embassy / Consulate of the respective country for the final attestation.

Documents required for Attestation:

  1. Original Birth Certificate
  2. Passport copy of the parents (husband and wife)
  3. Passport copy of the child

Duration: 10-12 days

Importance of Birth Registration:

In India, birth registration is a decentralized and regulated by the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 (‘RBD Act’). According to the RBD Act, you should register the birth of the within 21 days. If parents fail to register the birth within 21 days, they can still pay a nominal fee and register the birth within one year.

  • State recognized evidence of a child’s birth.
  • For school admission, ration card, benefits under social welfare schemes.
  • Proof of age.
  • Facilitates calculation of birth, death, and population rate.

Obtaining a birth certificate is not only a first step towards citizenship rights, but also a process endorsed both nationally and internationally.

Certificate registration process

You can apply for the Birth Certificate at your local Municipality/Panchayat Office by providing the Doctors Certificate. It is mandatory to register the birth within 21 days, therefore, If you fail to register the birth within the 21 days you will be subject to pay a fine.

Required documents:

  • Applicants must fill in a form and submit it to the Registrar, who will then verify the data and issue the acknowledgement.
  • Marriage Certificate of the parents or Joint Photo Affidavit of Parents
  • Photo ID of Applicant
  • If the Child is born at residence, affidavit from Parents. In case of Hospital, Certificate from Hospital.

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