Marriage Certificate Attestation Procedures


Importance of a Attestation or Authentication

The importance of Marriage Registration and Certificate Attestation Process discussed in detail below:

What is a Marriage Certificate:

A Marriage Certificate is a legal document you can apply at the Registrar of Marriage’s office. The certificate includes details such as the name of bride and groom, their age, address, date and place of marriage and duly signed by the witnesses.

Marriage certificate serves a lot of purpose including but not limited to applying for spouse passport, name change, to file joint taxes or to claim spousal benefits and also applying for child’s passport, etc.

Importance of Marriage Certificate:

Marriage Certificate Attestation

It is advisable that you register your marriage and get the certificate at the earliest. The Marriage Certificate acts as the only proof that you can use for any legal or administrative requirements or requests.

  1. Legal Recognition: Marriage registration gives the couple the legal recognition required to complete various legal formalities and other requirements.
  2. Property Rights: This certification helps the couple to establish property rights, which is essential to claim the rightful property at the time of separation or divorce.
  3. Custody Rights: In case of custodial battle if you have a marriage certificate it helps to establish the parental rights and custodial arrangements.
  4. Inheritance: Marriage certificate ensures that the surviving spouse inherits the property and assets, at the death of the partner.
  5. Legal Protection: This certificate provides legal protection to the married couples, without this certificate you are avail any legal help. This certificate acts as a proof for any legal proceedings be it for abuse, domestic violence or any other benefits or help you seek.


Marriage Certificate attestation is mandatory for married individuals to obtain a family residence visa or a spouse visa in foreign countries. The Attestation process is a form of legal acknowledgement of the Certificate by the Home Country.

The Attestation procedure is as follows:

attestation process
Marriage Certificate Attestation Process
  1. The Marriage Certificate is first certified by the Notary Department with the authorized sign and seal.
  2. Once Notary is complete, the Home Department or the SDM Department will attest the certificate.
  3. After the Home Department or SDM attestation the certificate will be sent to Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi).
  4. The Final process is the attestation by the host country Embassy / Consulate.

Documents required:

  1. Original Marriage Certificate
  2. Passport copy of husband and wife

Duration: 10-12 days

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